How your purchase will help the environment

Together we can save our planert

There are many ways we can help the planet we live on. One massive change would be to shop upcycled and second hand products. Buying upcycled trainers gives them another life and a second home. This means that they don't go straight to another landfill site, but instead reduce the millions of shoes that are sent there every year. Every time you choose to buy an upcycled product rather than a new one you are helping the environment and the planet we live on.

There are many ways you can help the environment and our planet. One massive effect would be to shop upcycled. By shopping upcycled you are giving that item a second home. 

When choosing to buy upcycled trainers you are not paying into the factories making new trainers. These factories are powered by fossil fuels which produce greenhouse gasses when burned. 

You are also supporting a small business when shopping upcycled. As a small business we are grateful for every customer. We especially get excited when a kerrching! noise from our phone notifies us that an order has been made.

Another positive of upcycling is that you are stopping that item from going to a landfill site. Each year millions of discarded shoes are sent to landfill sites. This means that landfills are rapidly running out of space which is unsustainable. These landfills are effecting the environment through air pollution and groundwater pollution. There is around 1.2 million tonnes of rubbish per year from post consumer shoes. From this 85% go to the landfill, whilst only 15% go on to be redistributed and our business aims to change that!

Below we talk about the impact it has on the environment to make a shoe and we also share some easy tips you can follow to help make a change.


The environmental impacts of making a shoe

Impact of making a shoe

Every brand new pair of shoes that are brought have gone through a process to be made. This process is harming the environment and wildlife.

Many chemicals, toxins and fossil fuels are produced and leaked into the environment during the shoe life cycle. These chemicals are harming the wildlife and humans that come into contact with them. The manufacturing of shoes produces large amounts of carbon dioxide which contributes to the serious effect of climate change and global warming.

Large amounts of machines are used to manufacture the shoes. To power these machines, a large amount of fossil fuels are needed and these fossil fuels produce greenhouse gasses when burned. Coal is a source of energy that is used to power these factories as it is cheap. Burning this coal produces carbon dioxide which goes into the atmosphere, contributing to the greenhouse effect.

On average the production of one shoe produces 30 pounds of carbon dioxide and there are more than 15 billion shoes produced every year. One way to help protect our environment is to shop upcycled. This way no chemicals are being burned to make new items, we just re-use and restore the items we already have.

Our six tips to help the environment

Tips to help our planet

The environment is very important to us, so what can we do to help? There are many ways to get involved to help tackle climate change. Some are as simple as recycling a plastic bottle, whilst others would be to stop burning fossil fuels. Whoever you are, business or individual, there's a role for you. We have six tips on what you can do day to day to make a difference. 

Our first tip is to speak up. Use your voice to share these tips with others and spread the word. 

Tip number two is to reduce your waste. Recycle what you can to cut down on how much you waste. This could include leftover food from last nights dinner or using a tin can as a plant pot. 

Tip number three is to re-use items to save resources and energy that is used to make new ones. This will also save you money. 

Tip number four is not supporting fast fashion. Shop upcycled clothes rather than buying new ones. 

Tip number five is to shop locally and shop organically. Support your local businesses, especially during this time smaller businesses are struggling and need your support. This doesn't mean you need to spend money to show your support, a share or like of their website or social media goes a long way. 

Tip number six is to eat sustainably. Cut down on your meat consumption as there is massive forest loss for the expansion of agriculture land.