The Christmas Colours

The colours of  Christmas

There are many colours that are associated with Christmas. The shimmering green on the Christmas tree, the vibrant red from Santa’s outfit. Looking outside to the garden covered in Cristal white snow and the gold star on the tree. There are many colours that are associated with Christmas and many festive trainers that display these colours.

Green is definitely one of the main Christmas colours. After all the massive tree in the front room is green! These Nike blazer trainers capture the shades of green as well as the patterns you may see on Christmas decorations. These are the perfect trainers to get you in the festive spirit.

When you think of Santa Claus you picture his vibrant red outfit with a big red sack of presents over his shoulder. These Nike Air Max 90 trainers display the red tick and heel to capture the essence of Santa and Christmas time. The fluffy inside of the trainer would also keep you very warm in the snow.

Talking of snow another colour that is associated with Christmas is white. Everyone dreams of a white Christmas, playing in the snow making snowmen. You could easily blend into the snow in these triple white adidas FYW trainers.

Christmas White

The gold star on the tree that shines bright at the centre of attention. The gold star is reflected in these puma future disc trainers with their shiny gold sides that stand out on the black fabric of the trainer.

Christmas gold


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