Small business Christmas gift guide 2022

With December round the corner we all know what that means.... Christmas! We have put together this gift guide to help you find the perfect gift this year whilst supporting a small business (or two)! 

Vintage Trainers

Every thought you pay too much for shoes? Ever wondered about the impact on the environment? Your not alone! But what you may not know is there is a solution, shop Vintage Trainers! We are a small family business that refurbishes trainers by cleaning, dyeing and painting them back to perfect! We do this to give them a new home and save from landfill (over 300 million pairs are sent to UK landfill every year!) 

You can also feel unique with our hand painted custom trainers. Using specialist paint and protector. 

Give the gift of sustainable this Christmas, take a look Here 

Sarah Code Design

Sarah creates lighting, sculptures, pictures, flowers and gifts from waste plastic bottles, cans and electronic circuit boards. They are all upcycled and handmade in the UK. You can even get personalised wooden baubles and letter stockings for Christmas. 

Take a look at Sarah's work Here 



Creating eco-friendly alternatives to everyday items. All Stroodles products are 100% biodegradable and good for the planet. You can even munch on them after use, as they are all edible. The pasta straws are made from wheat and water only, plates and bowls from 100% wheat bran, the spoons are like a biscuit and the cup is from wafer. Switching to sustainable products is now simpler than ever - there is no need to change behaviours, use Stroodles instead. 

Time to start Stroodlin' 


Peggy's Difference

Handmade overstated accessories by Peggy. Established by Lauren (A.K.A. Peggy Peril) Peggy's Difference was originally created in 2011 when Lauren was feeling uninspired at her day job and felt her creativity was stunted. During the lockdown period, she began sewing and donating hundreds of scrub bags for the NHS. This ignited a fire inside of her and the need to create. Lauren draws inspiration from many areas including retro fashion, rock n' roll, punk rock, alternative lifestyles and her beloved roller derby.

 Take a look at Peggy's Accessories Here 


Wild Jewellery

Wild Jewellery was founded in August 2022.Charlotte felt called to create a high quality sterling silver jewellery brand with a personalised experience. The jewellery is all handmade and hand threaded using sterling silver with a touch of gold. 

Take a look at Wild Jewellery Here


Charm Bound

Lisa loves working with charms as they add a personal touch to her designs. She creates meaningful jewellery using unique charms to create themed bracelets. Lisa is a part time editor, having the small business helps to support her family whilst aiming to live a sustainable lifestyle. 

Take a look at Charm Bound Here





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