Meet the team


Meet the team

Vintage Trainers started up during lockdown in 2020. We realised that far too many trainers were going to landfill sites and we wanted to do something to help. Little did we know that it would grow into the small business it is today. We have three members involved in our small business, all with very different roles. So if you want to find out what we all do and how it works keep reading! 



Mat S would say he does the most in the business. He will also try to tell you that he was the one who started this too. Okay, so he did come up with the idea, but it has moved on a lot since the start. Mat handles all of the accounts, and IT side. He is constantly trying to improve and evolve the business – so if you have any feedback, or are looking to collaborate with us, he is always willing to listen





Matt N says that he does the most in the business not Mat S. He would say that he keeps us grounded and running smoothly. Matt N handles buying the stock from suppliers, cleaning, refurbishing, photographing the trainers and the list goes on. He is always on the lookout for more stock so if you have any trainers that you want to sell then get in touch with this guy 




In fact Mat S and Matt N are both wrong as I do the most in the business! My name is Lauren and I am in charge of social media and marketing. I make all of the social media posts each week and the YouTube videos. I am also in charge of keeping the website up to date so it is easy to use and looks good for you. Most importantly of course I write all of the blogs for you to read and enjoy!

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