Matching Trainers to Christmas Films

Everyone loves a good Christmas film to watch on a cold winter night by the fire. You see the sparkling lights on the Christmas tree in the background, passing round mince pies and sipping your hot chocolate. I have picked out some classic Christmas films and carefully matched a pair of trainers to the character.

We all know Buddy the Elf is not used to the city life and ends up getting into mischief whilst his dad is at work. These lucky green Air force 1 trainers would be perfect for Buddy. Not only would the bright green match his elf outfit, hopefully the ‘lucky’ might help keep him out of trouble in the city.


Unlike Buddy, the Grinch felt very differently about Christmas. He thought it was the worst day of the year and wanted to spend it alone. The perfect trainers for Mr Grinch would be these Nike marxman mid trainers. The vibrant red would match his Santa outfit perfectly, whilst the Velcro strap would make it quick and easy to put the trainers on.


The star of the show Santa Claus is in every Christmas movie of course, after all Christmas would be quite different without him! Santa would need sturdy trainers that are also comfy for riding the sleigh all night. These Converse Chuck Taylor would be perfect for Santa to wear whilst going down chimneys to deliver presents all over the world.


When the McCallister family go on their Christmas vacation they realise something is wrong… Kevin is home alone! Whilst he is on his own Kevin gets up to lots of mischief setting up traps and pranking the two robbers. He would definitely need a pair of adidas neo trainers, the laces would make sure they stay on tight and don’t fall off. The brown colour would help him blend in so he doesn’t get caught!

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