How you help the environment when buying upcycled


There are many ways you can help the environment and our planet. One massive effect would be to shop upcycled. By shopping upcycled you are giving that item a second home. 

When choosing to buy upcycled trainers you are not paying into the factories making new trainers. These factories are powered by fossil fuels which produce greenhouse gasses when burned. 

You are also supporting a small business when shopping upcycled. As a small business we are grateful for every customer. We especially get excited when a kerrching! noise from our phone notifies us that an order has been made.

Another positive of upcycling is that you are stopping that item from going to a landfill site. Each year millions of discarded shoes are sent to landfill sites. This means that landfills are rapidly running out of space which is unsustainable. These landfills are effecting the environment through air pollution and groundwater pollution. There is around 1.2 million tonnes of rubbish per year from post consumer shoes. From this 85% go to the landfill, whilst only 15% go on to be redistributed and our business aims to change that!

Maybe you are stuck at home at the moment in lockdown and wondering what to do. Upcycle That is a great website to find inspiration and ideas for what to upcycle from things around the house. They have sections for items you can use and what you can make. 

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