How We Clean The Trainers

clean trainers

The big question is how do we clean the trainers and what products do we use? Luckily that will all be answered in this blog post! There are multiple steps to cleaning the trainers and the process usually takes two days.

The first step is to put the trainers into a wash bag before they go into the washing machine. This helps to protect the shoe so it doesn't hit the metal inside the machine which may cause rips and tares. Once the trainers are in the washing machine we add the ECO VER detergent and softener. This washing liquid is plant based and uses biodegradable ingredients. Lastly a cap of oxy active plus is added to remove any stains from the shoe. The wash then goes on for 45 minutes at 40 degrease Celsius. 


Once the wash is done the trainers are taken out of the wash bags and put on a rack to dry. Once the trainers are dry, which is usually a day later, the next cleaning step can begin. The first product we use is the eco bamboo lotion spray. This is sprayed 20cm away from the trainer onto the sole and midsole. You can use this spray on any part of the shoe as it won't damage or stain the material.


Once this is sprayed onto the shoe we use the wooden brass bristle brush to scrub away any dirt left on the trainer. The wooden brush is easy to use as it is not flimsy like a plastic one and the hard bristles make it easy to get the dirt out. Most importantly of course it is eco friendly like all of the cleaning products we use.

Next up we use the microfibre cloth from the cleansing kit. This is used to wipe the dirt away that the wooden brush brought up. The cloth is sustainable and high quality, it can also go in the washing machine so it's easy to clean. In the cleansing kit you also get a wooden cleansing brush. This is used for cleaning the upper softer material. This brush is softer than the wooden brass bristle brush, so it is ideal for cleaning the material on the trainer rather than the sole or midsole. 

The last step is to spray the protect and care onto the trainer. This is sprayed onto the upper of the shoe from 20cm away. The spray gives the trainer waterproof treatment with effective and long lasting protection from dirt and wetness. 

 Below are some comparison photos of the before and after for cleaning a pair of trainers.

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