How To Spot Fake Trainers

Welcome back to another Vintage Trainers blog! Today we are showing you how we spot fake trainers from real authentic ones. We have tips on how to tell them apart physically and online. If you would like more information, please watch our YouTube video where we show the physical differences on two pairs of Nike Huaraches. We do not sell fake trainers on our website. We check every pair of trainers to make sure they are not fake and we also offer free UK returns.


How to spot fakes physically


Every pair of authentic Nike trainers come with an SKU number that is unique to those trainers. You should examine the SKU number inside the trainers. You can then type this number into google and it should come up with the pair of trainers you have.

You should also check the tongue label inside the trainer. Check that the dates of production are correct as fake manufactures will often put outdated sizing labels on the inside of the trainer.

The next step is to examine the condition of the trainers. You can compare them to other Nike trainers if you have them. Real Nike trainers are always softer than fake ones. This is because they are made from real leather, where as fakes are made from pleather. 

The midsole of fake trainers tend to have visible dots from the manufacturing process, unlike the real ones. You should also check the lacing on the trainer. Real trainers are usually fully laced, while fakes skip every other lacing hole. 



How to spot fakes online


The first step is to investigate the trainer seller online. You should read the reviews and ratings of the seller. These are best from a third party review site like Trustpilot. The site should also have a returns policy so you have security that you will get your money back.

You should avoid sellers that use stock photos instead of their own. If they use their own photo this proves the trainer actually exists and is in the condition listed.

You should also avoid trainers that are priced far below their normal value. These are usually fake as they are so cheap.

Lastly you should not buy trainers that are available before an official release date. These are most likely counterfeit trainers. The early release date photos allow the counterfeit trainers to be produced. Unfortunately a lot of people will fall into the trap of attempting to get the trainers before everyone else. 



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