How to shop sustainably

There are many ways you can shop sustainably. By choosing to shop sustainable you are helping the environment and the planet we live on. 

The first tip is to buy second-hand. By shopping second hand you can save money and prevent clothes from going to waste.

Tip number 2 is to avoid synthetic fibres. These have serious effects on the environment and can be harsh on your skin. Polyester is produced using coal, oil and water, try to look for polyester made from recycled materials. 

Tip number 3 is to buy less. You can make a list of things you need and ask yourself if you need it before buying items. 

Tip number 4 is to upcycle your clothing. You can upcycle your clothes into cushions, scarf, tote bag and much more. By upcycling your clothes you are stopping them going to landfill sites and damaging the environment. 

Tip number 5 is to shop local. When you shop locally you can strengthen the community and help create more jobs in your area. 

Tip number 6 is to rent clothes for events. If you are going to a special event and you know you will probably only wear the outfit once, why not rent it! This way you are reducing waste. A great website to rent clothes from is Rotaro. You can easily rent clothes for a period of time and then return them. They have loads of brands and styles to choose from and they also partnered with Ecologi to plant a tree for each rental. 

Tip number 7 is to donate unwanted clothing. This means it can go to a new home, instead of going to a landfill site. 

Tip number 8 is to Sell us your trainers. When your trainers no longer fit or maybe you just don't like them anymore, you can sell them to us. This stops them from going to a landfill site as we upcycle the trainers to go to a new home! Find all the information on our Trainers Wanted page. - LINK


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