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Welcome back to another Vintage Trainers blog! Today we are talking about our Eco cleaning products and why we use them. We have a selection of products for different materials and for each stage of cleaning. The two brands we use are Pedag and Collonil. 



The 1_Pure Cleanser provides effective in depth cleansing for all materials. The foam spray removes dirt and stains which is ideal for leather material. The spray is solvent free and 100% biodegradable.

The 2_Deep Conditioner provides sustainable high quality care for all materials. It cleans and nourishes the material gently, whilst also protecting it. The conditioner includes aloe vera and lanolin and is also solvent free. (98% biodegradable) 

The 3_Natural Protector will then protect the material from any dirt and moisture. It keeps the material breathable using sustainable and effective ingredients. The protector is water based and can be used indoors. The spray is also 98% biodegradable.

The Active Fresh absorbs odor and molecules whilst also neutralising the shoe odor. The spray provides active freshness for trainers with its subtle scent. It is also 98% biodegradable. 

The Cleansing Kit includes a wooden brush and a microfibre cloth. You can use the kit to apply the pure cleanser, deep conditioner and the natural protector. The wooden brush should be used on all non sensitive materials to get rid of any dirt and stains. The microfibre cloth is a strong absorbent which is also washable and fast drying. The cloth is ideal for wiping away any marks or dirt on the trainer. 



The Carbon Protecting Spray gives long lasting protection against dirt. Carbon protector is suitable for all leather, suede and textiles. The spray creates an invisible, breathable and protective shield on all materials. 

The Carbon Cleaning Solution is the perfect all round cleaner for all trainers of any material. It provides a long lasting high performance protection on all materials. The spray creates a breathable, invisible and protective layer on all surfaces. The solution also protects against dirt and moisture.

The Carbon Leather Care provides the leather with protection against dirt. The spray is suitable for smooth leather, suede, and mesh/leather combinations. The Eco spray is solvent free without propellent, with more than 90% natural ingredients. 

The Carbon Pure Protector provides long lasting protection against moisture and dirt. The spray provides a breathable safe protection over a long period of time. The protector is solvent free and can be used indoors. 

The Protect and Care spray offers effective and long protection from dirt and wetness. The spray is suitable to use on smooth leather, suede and textiles and can also be used indoors. 

The Bamboo Lotion loosens dirt and treats leather and textile materials with rich moisture. The natural bamboo extract prevents the loss of moisture and protects from drying out. The lotion can be used on smooth leather, suede and textiles. 


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