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Vintage Trainers started up during the first lockdown in 2020. We realised that far too many trainers were being sent to landfill sites and we wanted to do something to help. 

We get the trainers in from various places, mainly online due to lockdown. If you have trainers that are too small for you or you just don't like them anymore then please get in touch to sell us your trainers. When the trainers arrive at the warehouse each pair is cleaned in the washing machine and then by hand.

We are a small business that aims to make a change for the better. The environment is very important to us and we aim to help cut down on wastage. By choosing to purchase upcycled trainers you can keep up with fashion and trends, without damaging the environment.

There is something for everyone with our large brand variety. Most importantly there is something for every budget with our large price range. We are always honest about our products. As they are upcycled some trainers may not be perfect, which is always written in the description and shown on the photos. We do offer free UK delivery and returns so if the trainers don't fit you can easily return them. All of our trainers are shipped in recycled packaging to ensure you get the best look from the vintage soles without destroying the planet.

To find out more on upcycled fashion and why it is great for us read the sustainable in style article. They give five reasons why upcycled fashion rocks.

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